Trees on your land?

Why is it important to understand your legal duty around Trees on your land?

A pregnant mother lost her child after a tree branch fell on to her car whilst driving with her two children. the full article can be found here.

We can often think of Trees as immovable objects that have been on a site for years, often way before we even started working there or were even born.

They are living things and like all living things they can become sick and need help.

The HSE have published guidance on the management of risk from falling trees or branches, which can be found here.

The management approach we have found most often is an at least 2 yearly tree survey by a qualified person with regular visual checks by a nominated person provided with appropriate guidance.

It is also important to remember that and remedial works need to be carried out by a qualified, trained specialist in a reasonable amount of time. You also need to ensure that there are no preservation orders on any of the Trees or protected species living in the Trees.

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