Empowering Leaders through Premises Services

About our Premises Services...

Working in Education for over 20 years gives us a unique perspective on the pressures placed on Leaders to ensure buildings and facilities are appropriately maintained whilst still ensuring they perform their core function whether that is improving outcomes for children or increasing profits.

Our service empowers Leaders through providing additional support in their maintenance and development journey

Our premises service can include...

Site Audit

Site Staff CPD

Line Management

Site Audit

Struggle to get Governors in to perform their termly visits?

Governors not always sure what they are looking for?

Would you just like someone independent to do a site audit?

We are here to work with you to provide a tailored solution to fulfil your unique requirements




Site staff have a wealth of compulsory training that they must attend.

How often do they get 1 to 1 support on how to address: –

  • Their paperwork
  • Communicating effectively with leaders
  • Building up a network of support

Line Management

We provide line management for Site Staff, providing you with written updates and giving your Site Staff the ability to discuss their current issues and work towards a solution that works for you, them and the school.

Where there are further issues that need address we talk in confidence with the designated leader, providing possible solutions and working with leaders to help everyone move forward.

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