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About our Solution...

Rock SALT is committed to providing a high quality, tailored and solution-focused service that has been developed from the ground up to ensure that we ‘Empower Leaders’.

With 20+ years’ experience working in and for the public sector, we understand the need to provide cost-effective and robust solutions that are focused on driving business goals, whilst keeping your information and people safe and ensuring that the systems are as easy to use as possible.

Working as your IT partner we provide you and your organisation a reliable and firm footing for your technology systems and developments.

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Core Components of our offer

Optional Extras

Onsite Support

Our proactive, friendly, and knowledgeable staff can be onsite from half a day a fortnight to 5 days a week to suit your requirements and budget. (School’s this can be term time only or all year round)

These come with scheduled visits from a senior member of staff included for quality assurance monitoring, strategic development and to support any more in-depth technical issues.

Have technical staff of your own and want support for them or external line management … talk to us about the options available

IT Consultancy

IT can seem like a minefield of expensive hardware and software.

We work with you, providing support and advice with your ICT Strategy and providing a risk rated, costed, multi-year budget plan.

Helping to ensure that your infrastructure supports current and future developments and improvement planning

Need a short-term fix or a long term solution, we have you covered.

Remote Support

Help needed between your onsite support visits, we’ve got you covered!

We provide a range of remote support options, from ad-hoc sessions as and when needed through to our fully integrated remote monitoring and management solution (RMM) provided as part of our onsite package or costed as a separate solution.

The remote support enables us to connect to your devices to provide fixes and updates as well as providing support to your users without the need to be onsite.


Remote Monitoring

Get the  peace of mind provided by knowing that your systems are being monitored for faults!

We perform monitoring of your servers and Windows systems as a minimum within our packages.

This monitoring enables us to provide proactive support, review the usage of the monitored devices, provide insights into usage trends, early detection of problems and quicker response times to any critical hardware failure.

As part of our service we also provide Safeguarding tools as listed below.


Through our Partnership with Senso.Cloud we can provide advanced Safeguarding and monitoring tools designed for education and Businesses with preferential rates for our On-site support customers

Senso.Cloud Safeguarding Offers a top-level overview of all violations across a single or multi-site setup, Senso is able to deliver unparalleled insight into a user’s actions and behaviours. This now includes chat and images in Microsoft Teams!

Being cloud based this solution works no matter where your devices are in the world.

Cloud First

We have migrated organisations to and supported organisations with Cloud adoption and development.

We work with you to fully leverage any existing investment you have made and develop your use of Cloud based systems in a secure and effective way.

No Cloud licenses, no worries, if needed we support you through the many hurdles of getting the right and most cost effective licensing in place to meet your requirements.


Gone are they days you could just lock the doors and no body would get in!

We support you to leverage your existing investment, to ensure you have defence in-depth by: –

  • Ensuring all available controls are in place to secure your systems whilst allowing your users to access what they need. 
  • That your systems are up to date with the latest security patches.
  • Providing training as listed in the next section.

We also provide advice and guidance on how you can improve the security of your systems further through additional products should they be needed to keep your data and users secure and support you through the implementation and maintenance of these products.


Even the most secure systems can be overcome if your staff are not trained to detect and respond to every day threats.

We provide free security tip emails and guidance along with 5 free seats for our Security Awareness Training programme from our partners at KnowBe4 and certified by the National Cyber Security Centre. You then have the option of expanding this to all staff at a great price this helps build Awareness, Compliance, Behaviour and Culture. To Learn more about this exciting product please click the button below or visit our Partner page from the menu above.

We also provide training on the use of a wide variety of systems and software including Interactive panels and Microsoft 365.

Additional benefits

We work across all of our clients to look for common hardware / software requirements and then where possible ensure that your combined buying power is leveraged to drive down costs and provide best value from your investment.

We understand the need to comply with GDPR / Data Protection requirements, provide advice and guidance on compliance and where requested implementing those changes needed, whilst working with you to ensure ease of use of your systems. See our GDPR offer if you would like a more extensive offer.

Optional Extras

Backup / Disaster Recovery

Regardless of your backup solution we will support you through any disaster recovery, with the level of support dependent on your requirements and budget.

Not confident in your current backup solution?

Schools, we have a school specific base level backup offering which provides offsite backup of key files and databases. We offer full backups of on-site servers which, should the worst happen, can then be virtualised in the cloud or on site whilst your server is being replaced / repaired. (this means everything continues running)

We also offer a fully featured Cloud backup solution for your Microsoft Office 365 and or Google data.

Cyber Essentials Certification

We support you through the 5 steps of achieving Cyber Essentials: –

1, Boundary firewalls and internet gateways
2, Secure configuration
3, User access control
4, Malware protection
5, Patch management

Completion of the questionnaire and submission 

Modern Phone System

We will work with you on any phone system you have already.

We also offer Hello’s award-winning cloud phone system (VoIP for Schools) is easy to set up, manage, control and comes packed full of features which you can’t get on your traditional phone line. Hello’s phone service has been built for Schools and perfect for business, so it has a wide range of features that will keep your students and staff safeguarded. Features include, Extension twinning that allows staff to add their Hello phone extension as an app on their mobile phone for increased mobility, virtual conference rooms, student support lines and more

Broadband Solutions

With strong links to robust providers we can offer you an excellent broadband package with the level of filtering and security you require.

We are also happy to work with your existing broadband provider to ensure that you get the best from your investment.

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Example packages


Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

½ day a fortnight onsite with 5 x ½ day QA Visits 

½ day a week onsite with 5 x ½ day QA Visits

1 day a week onsite with 10 x ½ day QA Visits

Access to economies of scale purchasing opportunities

Remote Support

Remote Monitoring

Backup / Disaster Recovery

Safeguarding package (Windows devices)

Access to IT related GDPR compliance recommendations

Access to your own helpdesk

Modern phone system

Cloud migration and development

Broadband Solution

Base Security Support and development

Additional Security solutions to improve defence in-depth

Training + 5 licences for online security awareness programme

Full online security awareness programme

Additional benefits



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Not Included

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