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About our Solutions...

At Rock SALT we understand the need for a secure and responsive solution to your broadband needs and that each school is different.
With our key strategic partners we are able to offer robust, DfE Compliant, fast and secure solutions.

We have provided a brief overview of our offering below, please get in touch for a no obligation, no fuss quote and remember, whilst we can move fast, broadband providers such as BT can take up to 7 weeks to install the new equipment required so don’t leave it too late!

Know exactly what you want or just want to talk to someone?

Management and Support


Broadband is a key component of any business and we work with you to ensure your migration is as painless as possible

Problems with your current provider

We are here to help, we can speak to them directly, provide you with pre-written emails and paper work to help you through the process.

Initial Setup

Our initial setup includes making sure you can access your Cloud provider, all other key services and appropriate filtering is in place as agreed.

Realise you missed something?

Not a problem, let us know and we will work with you, passing on only those costs that we have to pay should you need additional features and or hardware.

Ongoing Support

We understand that as with everything in life, nothing stands still and are here to help, updating filtering, changing rules, dealing with any faults.

What happens after year 1?

We are here for you, we believe in creating partnerships not short term sales and our support continues throughout the life time of the contract.

Broadband connection options

As a Hello Telecom Partner we are able to offer the full range of their superb broadband connection options, with details of some of their key options shown below.


(Single order Generic Ethernet Access), The Future of Broadband.

Single order Generic Ethernet Access

Allows you to get a superfast Internet connection at an attractive price. SoGEA saves you money as you don’t need a fixed phone line to run your broadband connectivity over. Say Hello to a cheaper, faster and superior broadband connection.

Leased Circuits

Dedicated connection with: Higher Speeds and Higher Security.

Leased Circuit

Leased Circuit connection speeds can range from 64Kb to 10Gb and are ideal for customers that require a faster, more reliable internet or site-to-site connection.


Fibre To The Property & Fibre To The Cabinet

Varying speeds

160Mbps Download / 30Mbps Upload 330Mbps Download / 50Mbps Upload With an Enhanced Care Plan available for faster support.

Broadband Firewall & Filtering

As a Sophos authorised partner we are able to provide the full range of Sophos products including their XG Firewall, which is optimised for Education, a brief overview of some of the features available are below with a link to Sophos for more details.

Network Protection

Top rated intrusion prevention, helping to keep your systems and data safe.

Advanced threat protection

to stop the latest threats dead in their tracks.

Security Heartbeat

Links your Sophos-managed endpoints with your XG Firewall.

Securing your systems

Delivering important visibility insights into network health, a coordinated defense to attacks, and automatic endpoint isolation.

Web Protection

Powerful Web Filtering including pre-defined rules such as 'Not Suitable for Schools' as well as SafeSearch and YouTube restrictions.

Multiple Authentication methods

To ensure user based policies the XG support multiple authentication methods, including Active Directory and Chromebook support.

Sandstorm Protection

Next-gen cloud sandbox technology that integrates deep learning, exploit detection, and CryptoGuard to catch the latest file-based threats.

Identifies suspicious payloads

Such as PDFs, Office Docs, and executables entering the network via email or the web and sends those to the cloud sandbox for extensive machine learning based analysis and remote execution to convict zero-day payloads before they enter your network.


Reporting provides the tools and flexibility to create custom reports that offer instant insight into the applications, risks, trends, and more impacting your network.

Web policy exceptions

Educators can even help with the day-to-day management of web policy exceptions for their classroom curriculum.

Web Server Protection

Harden any file or web servers against hacking attempts while providing secure access to external users with reverse proxy authentication.

Web Application Firewall

Combine next-gen firewall capabilities with our enterprise-class web application firewall to protect your critical business applications from hacks and attacks while still enabling authorised access.

To find out more about our integrated and customisable solutions give us a call, send us an email or book a slot with us.