Video conferencing and GDPR

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) have produced some helpful guidance on the use of Video Conferencing for meetings, with some key points to consider being:

  • Have you checked the privacy and security settings?
  • Are you aware of phishing risks?
  • Have you checked your organisation’s policy?
  • Have you ensured all software is up-to-date?

Some of these sound obvious, but are easy to over look in these strange times we are in.

Did you know that you could be a victim of a phishing attack whilst on a Video Conference?

The ‘live chat feature’ can be used by malicious people to spread phishing messages. Be vigilant. Don’t click on links or attachments you were not expecting or from meeting attendees you do not recognise.

Be GDPR wise, take 5 and re-read the information before clicking.

Full article from the ICO can be found here: Click Link

Do you want to use Video conferencing in your organisation and not sure where to go?

Microsoft Teams is an excellent choice and for those with Active Microsoft Subscriptions you may already have it included.

Want to know more, follow this link to the Microsoft guide, you can also contact us, we are happy to help, this type of support is included as standard for our Managed IT Service customers.