Empowering Leaders through Leadership & Governance Support

About our Leadership & Governance Support services...

Rock SALT is committed to providing a high quality service that empowers leaders through tailored training and development that supports and builds confidence in staff.

With access to staff with 20+ years experience within a variety of leadership roles in the education sector, we fully understand the myriad of challenges faced by todays’ leaders. We would work as your partner, being there for you when you need some specific expertise to lean on in order to keep your feet firmly on the ground and on the road to your continued success.

Our Leadership & Governance Support services...

Joint Monitoring

Improvement Planning

Leadership training sessions

Governance training sessions

Joint Monitoring Sessions

We have access to serving Senior Leaders with a wealth of experience in a variety of monitoring processes who can coach and support the development of your staff through  joint monitoring activities or provide quality assurance to you through carrying out independent sessions depending on the needs of your organisation.

Improvement Planning

We have access to Senior Leaders with years of experience of successful and effective Improvement Planning who can support your whole process and / or provide training to members of the Senior Leadership Team and Governors.

Leadership Training Sessions

Governor Training Sessions

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