Empowering Leaders through Data Analysis Services

Our Data Analysis Services...

Rock SALT is committed to providing a high-quality service that represents key information in a tailored and usable manner, empowering leaders to make informed choices on their future priorities and actions.

With 20+ years’ experience in the public sector, we understand the challenges faced by leaders when it comes to balancing staff time against the need for informative, up to date and actionable data.

We work as your partner, there with you when you need that ‘Rock’ to lean on and those slippery roads ‘SALT’ed.

Our Data Analysis Services include...


Tailored Data Entry templates

Tailored Analysis templates


Termly data checking

Termly data analysis


An initial consultation looking at your requirements talking through examples of what we do already and agreeing on a way forward for both the data entry and analysis formats.

Subsequently to this meeting we will provide a project brief outlining the agreed elements and time scales for the first set of templates

Tailored Data Entry templates

We provide templates ranging from a single subject per sheet per term giving maximum ease of use and clarity for staff to all core subjects across the whole year on one sheet with the analysis built in.

We work with you to decide on the most appropriate layout and functionality for your staff and tailor the cut off points to suite your individual needs.

Need something very specific, then talk to us and we can come back to you with a costed proposal.

Tailored Analysis templates

At first look, the image to the left may seem odd, but it is important to us that our reports bring clarity to your data and to this end we provide a list of templates from a full Attainment and Progress report for Leaders and Governors to individual class data delves.

Empowering leaders to engage staff in detailed and informative dialogue around those pupils that need further support, helping to inform your whole school priorities and short-term actions.

As with the data entry sheet if you need something very specific then talk to use and we can come back to you with a costed proposal.



Included within our service is a 2 hour training session for Leaders on the templates including how to use them, interpret the data and the types of questions that may be asked based on the data.

We will also attend a Governors meeting and provide tailored training to Governors, helping them through the layout and interpretation of the data and providing examples of questions they could ask based on the information provided.

Interested in further training on other data sets such as the DfE’s ASP then talk to us and we can come back with a bespoke offer.

Termly Data checking

We do not just give you a set of templates and then walk away!

We provide a data checking service: –

Updating the templates with the correct pupil details from your MIS data

Checking the data provided by staff for missing data and typo’s

Then providing you with the initial analysis for you to sense check before the main anlyesis reports are created


Termly Data analysis

As part of bringing clarity to your data, once the data checking has been completed and everyone is happy with the accuracy of the data.

We pre-populate your analysis templates with the data.

This way you can focus on what actions to take based on the data rather than having to spend your time on producing the document in the first place.


As part of our service we provide for 1 minor change to the templates per year if we are given sufficient notice.

If you require further changes or changes of a more significant nature, then we can discuss this and come back to you with a proposal.

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