Empowering Leaders through GDPR & Data Protection Guidance

About our GDPR & Data Protection guidance...

Working in Education for over 20 years gives us a unique perspective on the pressures placed on Leaders to ensure compliance with all the changes in legislation whilst still ensuring they perform their core function whether that is improving outcomes for children or increasing profits.

GDPR is no exception to this. Our service Empowers Leaders through providing additional support in their compliance journey

Our GDPR & Data Protection guidance services...

Policy Review


Policy Review

With the advent of GDPR the number of policies associated with Data Protection has jumped significantly.

Let us take on the burden of reviewing and updating your policies, providing you ongoing advice from the  latest guidelines and recommending any necessary updates to your practice and procedures


Policies and procedures are only effective if they are applied in everyday practice.

We work with you to agree the content of our comprehensive audits, ensuring that you get maximum value from our time.

The length and depth of our audits are tailored to meet your specific circumstances and requirements and agreed with you in advance.



Without regular training even the most dedicated member of staff can forget about key aspects of policies and procedures that keep your information safe, leaving your organisation vulnerable.

Informed by your own policies and procedures, aligned to our comprehensive compliance audit we can provide tailored training for staff to ensure that their practice remains safe and secure.

The added bonus of regular training is it provides the opportunity to engage with staff, gain feedback from them and make them part of the process of accountability; instilling shared ownership for protecting data within your organisation.

A robust policy is meaningless if it is not understood and owned by your team. If they don’t understand then staff are more likely to circumvent your policies and procedures, not out of malice, but purely to get a job done quickly which can leave you vulnerable.

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