Empowering Leaders through Health & Safety Guidance

About our Health & Safety Guidance...

Working in Education for over 20 years gives us a unique perspective on the pressures placed on Leaders to ensure compliance with all the changes in legislation whilst still ensuring they perform their core function whether that is improving outcomes for children or increasing profits.

Health & Safety is no exception to this. Our service Empowers Leaders through providing additional support in their compliance journey

Heath & Safety guidance can include...

Paperwork review

Site review

Paperwork Review

There is a lot of essential record keeping involved with good Health & Safety Management.

We offer an independent review of your Site Health & Safety documentation including a written report, with recommendations which will support you on your compliance journey.

Site Review

Paperwork is only part of the solution; regular site walks are a key element of any thorough Health & Safety management system.

We offer an annual site review, providing a written report with recommendations.

Struggle to get Governors to perform their statutory termly Health and Safety Visit? We can provide this for you or support your Governors in their visits to perform this so they are more confident in carrying these out and their findings are beneficial for your organisation.

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