Distance Learning & Teaching via Senso

Senso for distance learning, remote support and safeguarding students at home. Engage, focus and monitor students during lesson. Seamlessly support and manage devices wherever you or they are. Ensure students and staff are staying safe and protect them online. Provides seamless classroom, network and safeguarding management for your entrire schools device estate.

With a monumental shift in how educational content is being delivered to students, Senso offers a fully cloud-based solution to ensure that school devices can be remotely monitored and managed no matter where your users are connecting from.

Distance Learning via Senso allows teachers to:

Monitor and teach your class
No matter where you, or they, are connecting from.

Enrol students in to your class
Using Google Classroom Sync or Pin Groups, quickly and easily create classes to monitor your students and keep them on track.

Save time and engage your students
With tools such as broadcast screen, run application / website, send file and ask a quick question.

Keep students safe and the lesson progressing without distraction
Control access to websites and applications, close active tabs, lock screens and mute the sound – includes the functionality provided with Core Cloud.

Live view of students devices
Ensure they are focused and on task.

Run a website or application
Get students where they need to be, fast.

Remote control windows devices
Point students in the right direction or provide support.

Send a message and help students
Live chat to one or many users (Windows devices).

Safeguarding Students at Home

Safeguard Cloud gives you unprecedented capabilities to ensure your users are kept safe online.

AI driven visual threat detection
Helps prioritise violations where potentially harmful content is displayed.

Violation dashboard
With a top level overview of all violations across a single or multiple site setup, Senso is able to deliver unparalleled insight into users actions and behaviour based on keywords lists developed in collaboration with experts and leading charities.

Violation logs
Designed to allow the review of violations to be slick and seamless, with multi violation select options for batch status and next action changes.

Reporting and alerting
Receive weekly reports to gain a clearer insight into the number of violations made, which days were the most popular and more. Our weekly reports will help you to monitor and protect your devices wherever they are in the world.

Application logs
The time when you could just change a file name to bypass the application block list has now gone. Senso registers and captures the applications hash, allowing for a ban to stay banned.

Website logs
Capture searches and browsing history of users and machines across your estate.

Caption logs
Senso will capture all active windows on a user’s desktop, supporting a 360 degree view of activity across a designated period.

Activity logs
User activity is captured from log on to shut down.