Publishing photos, do you have consent?

The Information Commissioner’s Office have issued two reprimands to schools that published a pupil’s photo without consent .

Reprimands from the ICO are legal warnings and are to be taken seriously.

These help to highlight the importance of having tight procedures in place that don’t rely on a single person to remember to check that you have consent before you publish a pupil’s photo.

Publishing can include:

  • sending group photos home to other parents
  • using photos for the school prospectus or other publications
  • photos sent to the press
  • uploading photos to social media
  • photos used on the school website

Following good Data Protection practices, with understandable policies and clear procedures help to ensure the safety of everyone’s personal information.

Once you have these policies and procedures in place, it is just as important to provide regular training to staff to ensure they remember them.

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