Has my password been leaked?

There are lot’s of articles about the length and complexity required for a password to be secure and for good reason, too many of us leave our selves open to attack by using easily guessable or previously known passwords.

How can someone already know my password?

When major systems are hacked the passwords stored there are often leaked out on to the internet, these passwords are collected in lists that can then be used by other attackers to try against people’s accounts, you might think that is a 1 in a million chance?

Think of this, there is a publicly accessible list of over 555 Million passwords, some of the most common passwords in that list are used by millions of users, all of a sudden the odds are not so long any more.

How can you be sure your password is not on there … you can try it for free!

Follow this link and try your password : –https://haveibeenpwned.com/Passwords

If your password is found please make changing it a priority.